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25 January 2010

re: El Divisadero and Las Cuevas beach

We are very frequent visitors to Nayarit, and were very upset that Las Cuevas beach was closed with gates and armed, belligerent state police with machine guns.

I understand that all beaches in Mexico are federal property, and are open to access to all Mexican citizens and visitors.  What is the status of the road from El Divisadero to the beach?  This is a gazetted road, and is in the public domain; why can these thugs (state police) close it off?

Can any of your readers help?  And apply pressure to any authoritites to preserve this Mexican treasured beach for community use.

I would appreciate any replies from your readers to help resolve this issue.

Thank you

Emile Carr M.D.

Emile, as far as getting responses from other readers, see the notice at the top of the page.

While the beach itself is federal property and open to all, land access is not guaranteed.  Access to Las Cuevas has been an issue for the past few years with a property owner (or a series of owners) trying to stop public access when he wanted the beach for his private use and that of his family and friends.  The presence of state police at the gate began last summer, and their attempts to deny public access are only a few weeks old.

In this case we believe that the road to the beach is public (federal, state or municipal) property, but we don't know for certain.  It seems odd that state police would be assigned to keep people out of private property.

The whole issue of preserving beach access for nationals and visitors is a serious one.  The beautiful Chacalilla beach, in Chacala, was long ago lost as a gated community was developed there.  A few years ago access to Playa las Minitas south of Lo de Marcos was blocked.  More recently, access to Playa Naranjo on Jaltemba Bay north of La Peñita and to the beach south of us beyond Punta Raza were both cleared of restaurants, vendors and others and vehicular access was stopped; now they can only be reached by foot.

We feel that Mexicans should be outraged at what is happening to most of the area beaches and that the government should be ensuring that this patrimony is not lost to the privileged few.