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  • Letters to the Editor   ( 1 Article )

    This is not a venue for discussion.  If you would like to have a dialogue with other Jaltemba Times readers, we recommend that you post to the Jaltemba Bay Folk forum.

  • Bob Howell's stories 2001-2007   ( 33 Articles )

    Bob & Vicky Valentine's Day 2005

    Bob Howell, a retired US Marine, and Vicky Flores, a nurse  for the Mexican medical system, endeared themselves to our community through their long-running charitable works and Bob's narratives of their adventures.  Their friends and fans are legion.

    Bob tried very hard to make his stories and photos available online through years of web hosting changes,  computer meltdowns and other impediments.  Here, we'll try to collect and post them all.

    The words are all Bob's as are nearly all of the photos (a few were taken by unknown others on these trips.  If you see Bob in a photo, he probably didn't take it.)

    Spelling corrections have been made only to place names as needed.  And one other correction: Bob often referred to the 'jungle' or the 'rainforest', but we have neither in this Tropical Dry Forest where there's no rain for eight months of the year.

    We have nearly seventy of Bob's reports and photo collections which will be posted as time permits.  If you have saved any of his stories and/or the accompanying photos and are willing to share them, or can give more accurate dates for the stories and photos posted, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  • Tom Plattenberger   ( 2 Articles )
  • Doc J, DVM   ( 3 Articles )

    "Doctor J" is a veterinarian with decades of experience practicing in Canada and the United States, as well as the knowledge gained through caring for his own pets during many winters spent in México.  He has graciously consented to occasionally answer a veterinary question sent in by a Jaltemba Times reader (via an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). 

  • Dave Wallace   ( 35 Articles )

    Dave WallaceWe've coerced award-winning cartoonist Dave Wallace into working
    for Jaltemba Times.  Dave has chalked up a lot of time in México
    over the years; he and his wife currently spend six months of the
    year at home in La Peñita.



    Gringos en Paraíso

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  • Editor's blog   ( 4 Articles )
  • Latitude 21 Surf Blog   ( 10 Articles )

    Jeff Milan keeps us posted on current and forecast surfing conditions along our section of the coast.  He and his wife and two sons are all surfing enthusiasts who have lived in Guayabitos for several years; they own and operate Latitude 21, a popular oceanfront restaurant near the southern end of the beach near Los Cocos.

  • Carol Wallace   ( 1 Article )


  • Dave Easby   ( 1 Article )