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Welcome to Jaltemba Times, a community website for the towns along Jaltemba Bay on the Pacific coast of Nayarit, México: La Peñita de Jaltemba, Rincón de Guayabitos, and Los Ayala.

We invite the involvement of not just residents but visitors and anyone else with an interest in our area, in México in general, and in other things we have in common. We hope to broaden and elevate the level of discourse along our Bay.

With your interest and participation this website will become an engaging and informative online community.  Submissions are welcome: event reports, want ads, comments, informative articles, literary pieces, whatever.

Terry Coomber

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23 May 2003

Relaxing on Jaltemba Bay

Just a glance at the rough life of Bob and Vicky. The gardener climbs a coconut tree, cuts off the end and serves Bob and Vicky. Bob, who is in the hammock, manages (with a maximum of exertion) to raise himself so that he can taste the sweet cool coconut juice.

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23 March 2003

[photos from this trip were published separately and appear below the text]

Trip to the waterfalls at El Cora

Part 1

      For a long time we had been thinking of the trip to the waterfalls near El Cora. From the top near the village – a dangerous undertaking. From the bottom – unknown trails and roads. There are three falls. Vicky, my traveling companion and licensed tour guide, had been to the top pool and falls, but not the middle or the bottom. We heard that there was a guide in the village of El Llano. With that in mind, we decided, since we only had two guests at our bed and breakfast, and since they were willing to go on an adventure, this was the time. Here is our story.

      It is 8:20 in the morning and another beautiful day in Paradise. We are heading out on another adventure into the unknown. Our vehicle is a 1985 CJ7. Our driver is the author of this story. Our tour guide is Vicky Flores. Our passengers are our B&B guests Jeff and Jane Hill from Juneau, Alaska. Our goal for today is the waterfalls at Cora. And away we go.


Chiggers ate my dog

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I took my dog down the dump road after reading Tom Plattenberger's essay lately.  My husband and I were lucky enough not to get chiggers.  But my 14-pound 13-year-old dachshund did!  She's been washed in soapy hot water but not until one day later when I noticed her scratching.  We ourselves have also washed our clothes and linens and still no signs of chiggers on us.

Is there something I can ask for at a Vet's down here to treat/kill the chiggers and/or relieve her itching?

Mary in San Pancho


FM-3 Renewal: the new system

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A friend emailed a document which he received from a friend, so I have no idea where it originated [Kathy Olivas has since identified herself as the author - ed.], but it outlines the new procedures for renewing a non-working FM-3 which were instituted at Migración on 1 May.  Some things you will be able to do online before visiting an INM office.

The document lists everything you'll need and provides step by step instructions for filling out forms as well as sample letters to submit.

The following is a large Adobe Reader document; if you don't have Reader installed on your computer, you can download it here.

Read about the new procedures here.


Up the Monteon creek

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A swimming hole in the Monteon creek

Last hot, hot summer, Bruce and I took up on an invite from Lenor and Terry Coomber to join with Dawn and Brian Blevings for a trip to the swimming holes up El Monteon Creek.  We had a nice day bobbing around in one of the many pools that people have scooped out of the gravel creek-bed.  We gorged from coolers full of snacks and icy beverages.  We napped on big sunny boulders and marveled at the variety of butterflies that came fluttering by us.  This creek, running cool and clear through the thick, tropical forest seemed to invite further upstream exploration, but it would be several months before I returned.


Where did our beaches go?

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For the past couple of years we've been extremely disturbed over the seeming privatization of most of the beaches in our neighbourhood.

Today a friend pointed me to a posting from 4 February on the Chacala Life blog entitled "Uncontrolled Beach Privatization" which is an English translation of an earlier newspaper article.  It explains a lot, in depressing detail.

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